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Victoria Register Inc.

Aston Martin Owners Club

Membership Application

The Aston Martin Owners Club Victorian Register Inc. is fully constituted in Victoria, Australia to provide local Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts with a club structure in which to enjoy locally arranged events and the benefits of the Victorian Club Permit Scheme. AMOC Vic Reg. is a member of the Australian Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC).

The Club is affiliated with the UK Club,  AMOC Ltd. , and membership  is included  in your Aston Martin Owners Club Victorian Register membership.

By applying for a membership, an applicant acknowledges that they desire to be elected a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club Victorian Register Inc. The applicant thereby agrees that in the event of their acceptance as a member of the Club, that they will be governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bylaws as they are now formed, or as they may hereafter be altered. They also agree to advance the objectives of the Club as far as shall be in their power, provided that whenever they shall signify to the Secretary that they are desirous of withdrawing from the Club, they shall (after payment of any arrears which may be due at that date and after the return of any items belonging to the Club) be free from this obligation.

Club membership is  each year on your joining date. For new members joining, a full rate subscription of $300 (per family which includes joining  fee) applies for the current year.

We are a family oriented club and each member may nominate a spouse/partner and/or dependent children on the application form to share in club activities and event participation.

Please note that members who choose to participate in the Victorian Club Permit Scheme must remain as full current financial members at all times whilst participating in this scheme. The club secretary can provide further details regarding Club Permits.

Personal information or data supplied on the application form is for Club use only. The Club takes the protection of personal data seriously and will not consciously publish, or release to third parties, any personal or car ownership details. A postal address will suffice for correspondence and for receiving the Club Magazine. A current email address and a phone contact number are highly desirable so that the club may pass on news or notify last minute changes to events or schedules in a timely manner.

For all new members, an application form must be completed and appropriate payment provided. For members who are renewing, completing the form is optional. However it is a convenient way to update details and notify the membership secretary of any changes since first becoming a member. In particular, please provide a current email address when possible as in the past, these have often been changed without remembering to advise the club. Other than meetings, email is our best way of staying in contact.

For questions about membership, please contact the AMOC Vic. President and AMOC (UK) Victorian Area Representative,
Bronwyn Ballantyne
961 Mountain Hwy, Boronia 3155
Phone: 0410699417